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Don't forget our Halloween Friday Night shenanigans! $5 20 Question Quiz - Winner gets a $50 Token! (Starting 6pm) Gold Coin entry Pinata! (Because we really want to do a pinata) Pinata after quiz :D CANDY FOR ALL! ... See moreSee less

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Halloweeeeeeeen Shenanigans!

October 31, 2014, 5:00pm

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Yes, we're Australian. But we ALSO like candy and excuses to buy spider webs! Alongside Friday Night Magic and Android Netrunner League, Friday October 31st will be our Halloween Shenanigans! PiƱata and a nerd quiz! Pop Culture Quiz: Starting 6pm $5 Entry - $50 Gift Token up for grabs! 20 questions testing knowledge of gaming (tabletop and electronic), comics, film and TV. All entrants will get a candy bag for entering but there can be only one winner! But it's okay because we're doing... A PINATA! :D Gold coin

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Congratulations to Chen on winning the Khans of Tarkir game day! ... See moreSee less

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Good morning, Monday. ... See moreSee less

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